Free Desktop Backup Application

It consists of two parts: Client and Server app. The server has the opportunity to backup any file or folder on the client to more than one location and runs on Windows, MacOS, Linux.


Our solution

Make backup management of your data from a single point.

From a single point

Bring and back up the data of the processors to the server over a created socket connection

Multiple backup methods

Currently, only 8 different backup types are offered.

Free, safe and fast

It's fast, secure and free. Besides, it is getting better day by day.


Server Application

Simply schedule and manage backups of files at any remote location in your company or home.

  • 8 different backup methods.
  • It also works on macOS, Windows and Linux.
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Simple and plain client application

Share only the directories you want with the server and ensure your privacy.

  • Full access and or restrict access.
  • Quiet and low ram consumption.
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Team Members

Altan Yılmaz
Full Stack Developer
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